Plants are a delicate organism, they can only flourish in healthy and strong environmental conditions. In order to allow them to regenerate and protect our health in the best way possible, we need to do all we can to place them in a fresh and healthy ecosystem.

An environment able to oxygenate the cells and increase epithelial renovation is crucial for hair too.

Refreshing Therapy

Refreshing Therapy is the Meristema plant stem-cell vial, formulated on an aqueous base to penetrate through the skin barrier and speed up epithelial renewal. In this way, it strengthens the scalp and reduces bothersome inflammations.

Directions for use:
For problems with dandruff, seborrheic and inflamed skin: mix Refreshing Therapy with Purifying Essence, using the notch on the back of the bottle.
For problems related to the weakening of the hair, sensitive skin, hair loss due to breaking and weakening of the hair fibres: mix Refreshing Therapy with Energising Essence, using the notch on the back of the bottle.
Shake well to mix and use the nozzle to apply to the scalp. Apply gentle pressure to ease absorption and then proceed to drying the hair.

Format: pack of 6 vials 6 ml/0,20 fl.oz.

Active ingredients

Menthyl nicotinate, derived from the natural components in menthol and niacin. Menthol, due to its purifying actions and its pleasant refreshing effect, facilitates the transdermal transport of the compound.

Niacin, best known as vitamin B3, is a molecule famous for its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. It plays a crucial role in optimising microcirculation and oxygenating cells, increasing epidermal renewal and strengthening the skin barrier.