In order for each organism to grow healthily, it needs adequate defence and protection. Leaves, for example, are extremely sensitive to aggressive agents and taking the right steps to purifying them is a gesture full of beneficial consequences.

UV rays, pollution and weather occurrences are also a threat to the scalp.

Purifying Essence

Purifying Essence, formulated in a Meristema stem-cell marrow water solution, used in conjunction with the Refreshing Therapy vial, reduces the activity of the sebum glands and prevents exfoliation, restabilising the skin’s defences.

Directions for use:
For issues with dandruff, seborrheic and inflamed skin, mix Purifying Essence with Refreshing Therapy . The supplied dropper allows the product to be transferred directly into the Refreshing Therapy, following the correct dosage given on the back of the bottle. Shake to mix and use the nozzle to apply to the scalp. Apply gentle pressure to facilitate absorption.

Format: 15 ml/0,51 fl.oz. - 30 ml/1,01 fl.oz.

Active ingredients

Mallow, (INCI: Malva sylvestris [Mallow] leaf water), a famous ingredient since ancient times for its calming and emollient properties, it is used as a carrier/dilutant of the formulation’s active ingredients.

Spiraea ulmaria extract, controls excess sebum and acts as a natural astringent to reduce the activity of the sebum glands, inhibiting 5 alpha-reductase activity

Urea and sodium PCA, maintain hydration, preventing water loss and strengthening the scalp’s primary defences

Trehalose, Sodium hyaluronate, Polyquaternium-51 and Glycerin, combat oxidative stress, restabilising the functions of the epidermal barrier and speeding up cell repair. They have important hydrating properties which stabilise the epidermal phospholipids.