The ideal place for the growth of strong, flourishing buds is a healthy soil, free from waste and damaging substances. Correcting the physiological features is an essential feature in caring of bulbs and roots.

The scalp, like any type of soil, needs the same attention.

Miscellar Treatment

Miscellar Treatment, plant stem-cell roll-on system, performs a sanitizing action on the scalp, eliminating impurities and preparing a fertile base, perfect for hair growth. Its specifically delicate formula, thanks to the use of emulsifiers from sugar and plants, makes it the perfect treatment for even the most sensitive skin types.

(* Sucrose laurate e Sucrose stearate)

Directions for use:
Micellar Treatment is easy to apply thanks to its roll-on monodose system. After wetting the scalp with water, spread the product over the entire area. Leave to act for 3 minutes, applying gentle pressure to the scalp. Rinse and proceed to the Hydra Shampoo System.

Format: pack of 6 roll-on 15 ml/0,51 fl.oz.

Active ingredients

Biological hemp oil (INCI: Cannabis sativa seed oil), known for its anti-oxidant and soothing properties, has a natural anti-bacterial effect.

Grape seed oil (INCI: Vitis vinifera seed oil), an ideal anti-ageing remedy, it performs a precious emollient action and acts as a sebum regulator.

Sorbitol (INCI: Sorbitol), particularly valued for its excellent hydrating properties.