Taking care of a plant and loving your body. There are two things that are so different yet so alike, united by the same desire to value life in all of its forms.

The similarities are everywhere. From hair that, just like plants, needs appropriate treatments in order to grow strong, enriched by its light reflecting properties.

From the areas responsible for the plant growth of sea fennel (Crithmum Maritimum) comes Meristema, the new trichological stem cell line from bbcos. Extracted from the meristematic parts of the roots, the stem and the leaves, these cells (Ecocert and NaTrue certified) play a crucial role in regenerating scalp tissue and are rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial substances such as phenolic acid and chlorogenic acid.

The Meristema range is an exclusive detoxifying treatment, from its purifying and strengthening properties, which are ideal for preventing hair loss, dandruff and the excess of sebum. Enriched with a pleasant mint and eucalyptus scent, it is delicate on all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to the absence of allergens and botanically derived colourings.

Between the plant’s wellbeing and the hair’s nutrition,
there is a direct connecting thread through the health of living organisms.
A bond that can be discovered and experienced through Meristema products.

The Meristema line is a detoxifying treatment, with purifying and strengthening effects, ideal to counteract hair fall, dandruff, scalp itching & sensitivity and sebum excess. As every trichology treatment, its proper application carried out with constancy and method, allows to fully enjoy the benefits of the product & to get a stronger and more vigorous scalp since the very first week of application.

Depending on the trichologic conditions to deal with, the treatment Meristema presents a triple way of use.

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Miscellar Treatment

Miscellar Treatment, plant stem-cell roll-on system,
performs a sanitising action on the scalp,
eliminating impurities and preparing
a fertile base, perfect for hair growth.

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Hydra System Shampoo

Hydra System, Maritimum Crithmum stem-cell shampoo,
is specifically designed for a delicate action on the skin,
able to deeply hydrate the hair and enrich
its texture with natural amino acid-based surfactants.

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Silk System Cream

Silk System, Meristema plant stem-cell lotion,
applied after the shampoo, softens the hair
and gives it a visibly silky look without weighing it down.

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Refreshing Therapy

Refreshing Therapy is the Meristema plant stem-cell vial,
formulated on an aqueous base to penetrate
through the skin barrier and speed up epithelial renewal.
In this way, it strengthens the scalp and reduces bothersome inflammations.

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Energizing Essence

Energizing Essence,
formulated in a Meristem stem-cell mallow water solution,
used in conjunction with the Refreshing Therapy vial,
it improves the growth factors and the production of cell energy.

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Purifying Essence

Purifying Essence,
formulated in a Meristema stem-cell marrow water solution,
used in conjunction with the Refreshing Therapy vial,
reduces the activity of the sebum glands and prevents exfoliation,
restabilising the skin’s defences.

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